Wheel Blasting Equipment

Wheel Blast Equipment For Preparing Surfaces

As with shot blasting products, DeLong Equipment offers a wide array of wheel blast equipment.

Wheel blasting is a method of cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting. It is commonly used across a number of industries, most notably the automotive, aerospace, defense, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industries, among many others.


Wheel blasting is sometimes called airless blasting, as the equipment does not use compressed air or any other propellant. Instead, blasting material is fed from a hopper into the center of a spinning wheel — hence the name “wheel blasting”.

The blasting media is thrown from the wheel by centrifugal force, exiting through preset openings that are specifically directed at the material being blasted. The speed of the wheel and the force of the blasting, both of which are controlled by an operator or computerized numerical control (CNC) software, are set based on the future needs or applications of the material.

The number of wheels in a given wheel blaster varies and is dictated by its intended use. Generally, a blaster becomes increasingly powerful based on the number of wheels involved in the blasting process.


DeLong offers wheel blasters in four distinct configurations, all designed and equipped with the newest blast wheel technology. While each type of wheel blaster offers different configurations and speeds, they are all designed to maximize performance, minimize maintenance, and reduce downtime.

Tumble Blast Machines

Designed for batch processing, tumble blast machines are reliable and durable. With high-quality, wear-resistant parts, they’re suitable for a number of applications, such as die-castings, forgings, and automotive parts. Tumble blast machines are available in capacities ranging from 1.5 to 34 cubic feet, with a number of speeds, blade sizes, and other configurations available.

Table Blast Machines

Ideal for cleaning larger work-pieces, such as vehicle frames or structural components, table blast machines are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Designed from the ground up as fully integrated systems, table blast machines are often highly specialized for processing particular objects. Table blast machines tend to be particularly effective, both in terms of cost and result, for cleaning larger-scale objects of both ferrous and non-ferrous nature.

Spinner Hanger Machines

Spinner hanger machines are designed to clean larger parts and parts that are not candidates for tumbling due to the nature of their shape. In a spinner hanger machine, parts are hung from an overhead conveyor, making the machine ideal for oblong and other long or tall parts.

We offer spinner hanger machines in a number of different configurations, including in-line, continuous, flow-through, and Y-track. Regardless of configuration, spinner hangers are affordable, do not require a great amount of headroom, and provide full blast coverage.

Continuous Design

Continuous or in-line blasters are wheel blasters designed specifically for high throughput production, where very large volumes of parts require blast cleaning. To allow for a high degree of customization, DeLong offers a variety of continuous wheel blasters within three primary design classes:

Roll Conveyor Machines — These wheel blasters are designed to clean basic structures — I-beams, wire rod, rebar, tubing, pipe, plate, and so on —in a highly cost effective way.

Wire Mesh Belt Machines — Wire mesh belt systems are best suited to blast clean larger parts, including both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, weldments, and other complex fabrications. Additionally, they can process parts that are best cleaned while still hot from heat treating processes.

Monorail Machines — Monorail machines are designed specifically as replacements for spinner hangers in applications with extremely high throughput, processing very large, heavy, or otherwise unwieldy parts.

Easily Adaptable

Wheel blasters are highly versatile pieces of equipment. They can be adapted based on throughput, part size, part material, fabrication methods used on the part, and more. They are cost efficient, easy to operate, and, due to their enclosed nature, minimize dust and other airborne debris in the workplace.

To learn more about wheel blasting and determine which wheel blaster is right for your project needs, contact DeLong today.

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