Achieving the right finish on metal surfaces can be challenging. Delong Equipment Company realizes the need to apply the right method in order to achieve the exact result that you are seeking. Therefore, Delong offers wet blast equipment manufactured by Wet Technologies, the worldwide leader in wet and slurry blast equipment for all of your industrial needs.

Wet Blast EquipmentWet blasting is a method that leverage’s the use of discharged abrasive media with a regulated speed to clean, peen, brighten, de-scale, wash and smooth surfaces to a very fine degree. The media that are discharged can include ceramic beads, glass beads, aluminum oxide or steel shot and grit. In the case of wet blast equipment, water is mixed in to help lessen the thrust and remove any media residue from the object’s surface. Often times a manufacturer is able to eliminate one step (washing) in their process.

Wet Blasting Treatment for Industrial Use

When wet blast media is mixed with angular aluminum oxide or plastic media, paint or other surface material can be deflashed from an object. While the abrasive media helps to shape and smooth out the surface, the wet part of the media helps to cushion and clean.

Typically wet blasting equipment can blast, rinse and dry parts in one contained room or cabinet thus allowing for recycling of materials. This works effectively for parts that are needed for the aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, heavy equipment, remanufacture, rail, oil and gas and other general manufacturing industries where fine and smooth yet incredibly strong surfaces are imperative. Zero dust and lower abrasive consumption rates.....along with a reduction in processes are the immediate benefits of using Wet Technologies line of products.

If you need more information on wet blasting equipment and its applications, contact us or complete the RFI form. Since 1967, we have been helping industrial customers throughout the United States. We also have our own processing and cleaning facilities in South Carolina and Atlanta to assist companies who don’t have their own cleaning and processing facilities. We have technicians on call who go to the southeastern states - the Carolinas, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama to perform service. Available 24 hours a day, we seek to provide exceptional service to our customers in industries as varied as aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, railcar, die casting, firearms, general manufacturing and military.