Vibratory Media and Compounds

Why Use Tumbler Media? Tumbling media has four functions:

  1. Delivers grit to hard-to-reach rock surfaces.
  2. Used to cushion fragile rock materials during the tumbling process.
  3. Used to improve the tumbling action in the tumbler barrel.
  4. It is used as a filler to make up for lost volume after the coarse grit and medium grit steps.

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Ceramic Media has a relatively high density, and it’s used for grinding and polishing hard metals such as steel, stainless steel and titanium. Ceramic media also includes porcelain made from pure aluminum oxide. Porcelain is used for finer grinding and produces a high gloss finish.

Ceramic media is tough and durable. High Density Ceramic Polishing Media is a heavier, longer lasting media ideal for use when reduced cycle times and low residue processes are required. Both deburring and polishing formulations are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Plastic Tumbling Media is used for soft metals (brass and aluminum) or stringy materials to produce a better surface finish and to avoid rolling the burr over into a hole.

Plastic Tumbling Media will produce a very smooth finish, but very little shine.


Synthetic Media is used for general metal removal, prepaint or preplate finishing, polishing, fast and heavy cutting. Synthetic Media productes is Light polishing and light weight and delivers a bright polish finish with excellent wear. Synthetic Media works well in all types of finishing equipment.

Carbon Steel Tumbling Media is used for burnishing and polishing metals. The high bulk density exerts added pressure to a mass of parts producing a high shine in reduced finishing times.

Carbon Steel Tumbling Media is also used for surface work-hardening.

Stainless Steel Media

Stainless Steel Tumbling Media is used for burnishing and polishing metals similarly to Carbon Steel Tumbling Media. Stainless Steel Tumbling Media reduces the need for rust inhibitors and limited storage requirements.

Stainless steel ball cones are similar to stainless steel balls, but they work into crevices better.

Vibratory Compounds

General purpose cleaning compounds offers a unique blend of quality raw materials proven to be an excellent compound for controlling the white film residue that plagues most users of plastic and synthetic finishing and deburring medias. Our heavy-duty cleaner is excellent for heavier oils and grease, works extremely well with ceramic media applications. Blended with inhibitors to help control the rusting problems of ferrous metals. Designed primarily for ferrous part applications. Burnishing compound provides

Excellent results when used with ceramic polishing media, i.e polishing spheres, polishing triangles or polishing cylinders. Effective on aluminum and both ferrous and non-ferrous part applications. Our rust inhibitor is excellent for dipping and spraying parts or when you need additional inhibitor to add in your compounds. This can also be used to prevent the rusting of steel media while in storage.