Spindle Finishing Machines

Working Hand in Hand For A Great Finish - Almco Spindle Machines and Robotics

Abrasive slurry moving at speeds up to 1000 surface feet per minute processes large parts or clusters of small parts on spindle mounted chucks. Centrifugal force spins the selected finishing media into a "form fitting grinding wheel" while slow rotation of part in the mass assures uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces. Delivers precision finishing of gears, crankshafts, bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotors, jet compressor discs, jet blades, and other complex parts.

The head position features multiple adjustment angles to maintain uniform coverage of all part surfaces during processing. Bottom of processing tub shown with perforated drain section for liquid sludge removal from media mass. Liquid sludge is either captured and recycled or allowed to discharge directly to drain.

Electric motor is for rotating process tub which has variable speeds up to 1000 surface feet per minute. Left spindle head shown in up position, while right spindle head is in processing position down in tub. Flow meters for metering water and compound to rotating media mass in processing tub. Yellow panel is sliding door for access to tub fine mesh screen and liquid drain trough.

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Item #WidthLengthHeightHorsepowerPCS / HrDiameter
1SF-4865 1/486118 1/215n/an/a
2SF-365386637 1/2n/an/a