Multi-Pass Viberatory Bowl for Continuous Flow

Hammond Roto-Finish's Multi-Pass is a piece of vibratory equipment which offers continuous vibratory finishing and can be easily integrated with other manufacturing processes.


With the Multi-Pass the fact that each part spends the same time and travels the same distance in each cycle ensures a higher level of uniformity than possible with conventional equipment. The channels in the Multi-Pass system maintain even sequencing of parts, so they move precisely through the cycle, resulting in consistent part finishing and virtually eliminating part-on-part impingement. Alternatively the Multi-Pass system can also be used where part-on-part processing is desired.


The unique design of the Multi-Pass permits integrations with other manufacturing processes, such as casting, grinding, and stamping. Parts can be fed continuously, and all parts run at the same speed, with no time lost for loading and discharging. Ideally suited for just-in-time production, the Multi-Pass can significantly reduce material handling, space requirements and inventory costs.


The specially designed channels in the processing chamber permit long cycle times, ranging from one to 30 minutes, depending on part size, machine size and desired finish. Each part moves through the machine in the same amount of time.

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