CTV-IS Bowl Type Vibratory Finishers with Rising Channel

The machine consists of :

  • Bowl: made of carbon steel lined with 95 Durometer hot pour polyurethane supported with coil springs. Bowl is thermally stress relieved.
  • Supporting base: consists of a heavy electro- welded steel structure.
  • Discharge and separation: consisting of a polyurethane unloading ramp reinforced with a steel core and of a screen made of plastic with hole diameter upon request.
  • Electric control panel.

    These machines are designed for the surface finishing of a multitude of parts, for which is required a higher quality of finishing.
    In particular they are used for deburring, smoothing, polishing, cleaning of small to medium sized parts.

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Item #Item NameBowl CapacityBowl Internal DiameterChannel WidthOverall DimensionsOverall HeightMachine Weight
15-CTV-ISBowl Type
Vibratory Finisher
with Rising
20-CTV-ISBowl Type
Vibratory Finisher
with Rising
5-CTV-ISCircular Vibrator
with Rising Channel
8-CTV-ISCircular Vibrator
with Rising Channel