Item # CTT-15

CTT Rectangular Tub Type Vibratory Finishers

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Sound Hood n/a
Liner n/a
Bulletin Number 397
Basket Size n/a
Width n/a
Depth n/a
Length n/a
Dimension A [in.] 66
Dimension B [in.] 36
Dimension C [in.] 24
Dimension D [in.] 60
Dimension E [in.] 65.5
Dimension F [in.] 20
Dimension G [in.] 64
Dimension H [in.] 47
Dimension L [in.] 24
Dimension K [in.] 29.5
Weight 3204
Tub Capacity 12
Channel Width 24
Channel Length 60
Motor Speed 900 to 1800
Motor Power 7.3
Motor Voltage 208|230/460
Frequency 60
Size 72 x 36 x 46
Overall Length 72
Overall Width 36
Overall Height 46
Media Discharge Height 20
Machine Weight 1075
Standard Features
  • Electro welded steel structure.
  • Reduced work cycles.
  • High quality finishing.
  • High versatility for different applications.
  • Around the clock operation and duration reliability.
  • Adjustable amplitude settings with removable weights, and electronic variable speed drive.
  • Bowl lined with oil-proof anti-abrasive hot poured 95 durometer polyurethane.
  • (2) Drain Plugs for water/compound discharge.
  • Dual opening spray bar for discharging compound and fresh water into the work chamber.
  • Media unload door
  • Electronic variable speed drive allows precise speed adjustment of the parts and media.
  • Electric control panel mounted on a floor stand in compliance with CE regulations.
  • Capable of setting timed work cycle upon specific requirements.
  • Anti vibration leveling mounts are supplied for the vibratory machine and sound hood
  • Fast and simple maintenance.
  • Direct drive motor lubricated with grease.
  • Compound dosing pump with on/off switch on the control panel.
  • Pneumatic operated acoustic lid with up/down switch on the control panel.
Electric System
  • 24 V control circuits. IEC components.
  • Complete electrical schematic
  • Hour-meter, disconnect switch, start/stop button, emergency stop button, work cycle timer. On-off dosing pump switch, Up down acoustic lid switch.
  • Variable speed drive with digital display
The average noise level of the these machines is estimated as being 80-95 dB(A).
When in operation, depending on the process being run, the machine does not comply with OSHA standards controlling environmental noise pollution unless acoustic lid is used, or it is installed in a location in which the constant presence of the operator near the machine is not necessary.