CDT-IS Bowl Type Vibratory Cob Dryer
with Rising Channel

These machines are designed for the drying of a multitude of parts.
In particular they are used for the drying of small to medium sized parts, with or without heat, that are discharged off of a wet process vibratory finisher.

Description of the machine The machine consists of :

  • Bowl: made of carbon steel spray lined with 6 MM thick polyurethane.
  • Supporting base: consists of a heavy electro-welded steel structure. The structure is thermally stress relieved.
  • Discharge and separation: consisting of a rising channel that directs parts to a separating screen where parts and cob are separated and parts are directed off of the screen. Parts can be run in a continuous mode or in a batch for longer time cycles.
  • Electric control panel.

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Bowl Type Vibratory Cob Dryer Item #Bulletin NumberBowl CapacityHeaterChannel WidthMotor SpeedMotor Power
15-CDT-IS79315360016.7900 to 18005.3
2.5-CDT-IS790215009.8900 to 18001.4
20-CDT-IS79420540019900 to 18007.3
5-CDT-IS7915180012900 to 18002
8-CDT-IS7928240015900 to 18004