Vibratory Finishing Equipment

At Delong Equipment, we feature a full line of vibratory finishing equipment to deburr, radius, de-scale, burnish, or clean metal parts. Our vibratory finishing equipment options include round bowl, batch tubs and continuous thru-feed. Our equipment is easily adjustable, and is versatile enough to handle both gentle and aggressive part finishing. Our extensive knowledge of the process development will ensure that you get a get the proper machine for your quality finish.

In conjunction with our vibratory finishing equipment, we offer top vibratory compounds, including our Delong Bio Clean™ compound. We also feature a continuous-operation vibratory finishing system that can be integrated with material handling systems to handle high-volume needs. From small pieces to large, oversized parts, our machinery options can accommodate all of your vibratory finishing needs.

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Batch tubs are a perfect choice for finishing large, or delicate parts. The aggressive action of these machines is ideal when shorter time cycles are required. Almco offers many standard tub sizes as well as being the leader in "build to suite" systems. Our extensive knowledge of process development will ensure that you get a machine that is fitted properly to your production needs.


These machines are designed for the drying of a multitude of parts.In particular they are used for the drying of small to medium sized parts, with or without heat, that are discharged off of a wet process vibratory finisher.


  • The 8-CDT-IS cob dryer is an excellent choice for cob drying parts in a continuous mode by simply closing off a section of the screen deck. the wide load chute allows easy loading of parts into the machine.
  • 8 Cubic foot capacity
  • 2400 watt vibration proof heating element mounted under the screen deck.
  • 4 HP motor, variable speed drive


These machines are designed for the surface finishing of a multitude of parts, where a higher quality of finishing is required.
In particular they are used for deburring, smoothing, polishing, cleaning of medium to large sized parts. The CTT machines are easily divided into separate compartments for finishing one part per one compartment.

The machine consists of :

  • Bowl: made of carbon steel lined with 95 Durometer hot pour polyurethane supported with coil springs. Bowl is thermally stress relieved.
  • Supporting base: consists of a heavy electro- welded steel structure.
  • Discharge and separation: consisting of a polyurethane unloading ramp reinforced with a steel core and of a screen made of plastic with hole diameter upon request.
  • Electric control panel.

For more aggressive deburring applications.
From wing spars for mammoth aircraft to small parts that can be finished b the thousands in a single load, this uniquely produces exceptionally fine results-particularly in processing parts with blind or recessed areas. The machines variable speed and adjustable eccentric weights can be closely adjusted to vary the vibratory forces to extracting degrees. This permits action ranging from vary aggressive - to remove heavy burrs; to extremely gentle action - for fragile parts. End discharge machines can be supplied to be used either manually or fully automatic and can be combined with material handling systems to be utilized in a fully automatic systems approach.

Flow Thru Vibratory Machine, Oscillator - Screener, Capable of Operating with Steel Media.

By keeping the Gemini design simple, we can keep the cost lower and more competitive, as well as a shorter delivery time

The Hammond ST series is a table top machine perfect for finishing small parts. 110v power requirement makes this little machine ideal for any shop.

The Hammond SVP series offers a large compartment for odd shaped parts that aren't suitable for bowls.

Inline Thru-feed machines are integrated with material handling systems including an oscillating parts-media separator, incorporating a secondary "fines" removal deck and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing of high production parts. Parts may be fed into the machine at short intervals, direct from preceding operations. Systems are ideally suited for incorporating washer, dryer, or rust-inhibiting operations.

Hammond Roto-Finish's Multi-Pass is a piece of vibratory equipment which offers continuous vibratory finishing and can be easily integrated with other manufacturing processes.

Delong Equipment Company offers one of the most extensive inventory of molds available for relining and rebuilding mass finishing equipment. Equipment can also be upgraded or modified to offer current state of the art options to meet your current processing demands.

The Roto Centrifugal Barrel is excellent for high value, low volume production. As the turret rotates clockwise, the barrel rotates counter-clockwise. Work is completed with the double rotation generating centrifugal energy, which compresses the work pieces and abrasive media toward the peripheral direction of the wall.

Round bowls are extremely versatile machines making them the most popular choice for gentle edge breaking, surface smoothing, as well as aggressive deburring. Almco has long been a pioneer of round bowl vibratory technology. Our dedication to continuous improvement through engineering has produced the most complete and cost-effective line of vibratory bowls available today.

High-energy round bowls for faster time cycles and unloading advantages

Almco offers a high-energy bowl series featuring shorter time cycles and increased action, when production dictates. "HE" Series bowls have design efficiency and multiple advantages;

  • High-impact vibration with increased amplitude control of both upper/lower counterweights.
  • Two-dimensional control of both impact stroke and mass progression
  • And more....

Working Hand in Hand For A Great Finish - Almco Spindle Machines and Robotics
Abrasive slurry moving at speeds up to 1000 surface feet per minute processes large parts or clusters of small parts on spindle mounted chucks. Centrifugal force spins the selected finishing media into a "form fitting grinding wheel" while slow rotation of part in the mass assures uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces. Delivers precision finishing of gears, crankshafts, bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotors, jet compressor discs, jet blades, and other complex parts.

Mass finishing vibratory equipment with two channels for combining processes such as deburring and drying. The Combo can be used for batch processing, or for continuous flow if the cycle time is low enough to process in one revolution of the machine. With unload gates available for both the processing and drying channel this is one of our most versatile machines.

Manufacturers can choose from a wide range of Almco Preferred Cross section Round Bowls designed for Continuous Finishing or Batch Processing. Almco Long-Radius Bowls feature Unique Automatic Internal Separation with a "Once-Around-And-Out" sequence or timed discharge of parts, without operator involvement, using bottom-mounted pivoting dam.