Shot peening is a cold-working process that relies on the use of small, spherical media to bombard parts, relieve metal stress, and strengthen surfaces. This process also helps remove minute defects on components and machinery with thin surface shells.

Shot peening is the most economical and practical way to alleviate surface residual compressive stresses. It’s used to produce critical machinery and components that can stand up to a wide range of adverse conditions. For example, in many advanced aircraft designs, manufacturers use shot peening to induce aerodynamic curvatures in metallic wing skins.


Shot peening enjoys many applications in the manufacturing sphere. In some cases, this process helps close up areas of metal parts that still have high levels of porosity. Shot peening also straightens distorted parts to ensure that they run smoothly, and it improves metal’s resistance to interangular corrosion while doing so. Manufacturers also use shot peening to test coating bond strength while further strengthening the surface of the part in the process.

However, shot peening is most often used for surface texturing. Proper surface texturing contributes to the overall safety of machinery and other metal components. With the advantages that shot peening brings to surface texturing as well as to stress removal, this technique goes a long way toward ensuring the longevity of critical metal parts.

Many industries rely on shot peening technologies and services to allow business to enhance equipment safety. Some of the industries that most use shot peening include:

  • Aviation
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas


DeLong Equipment offers a host of shot peening services designed to meet the varied needs of professionals across industries: 

Ceramic Peening

Ceramic shot peening is one of the more commonly used peening processes. This technique works with ceramic media to create dimples on the surface of metal parts. These dimples help catch and retain beneficial oils to keep machinery operating slowly. They also contribute to increased strength and overall lifespan of parts.

Fine Steel Peening

Fine steel peening is ideal for components requiring fine surface finishes. This process cleans and deburrs parts using a high-velocity blast stream. Like ceramic shot peening, the process creates small dimples in the surface texture of the metal, but fine steel peening produces miniscule dimples that result in a clean, smooth surface.

Steel Shot Peening

Steel shot peening contributes to the enhanced overall appearance of metal surfaces. Automotive and aerospace manufacturers frequently use it to produce gears, crankshafts, springs, and other load-bearing metal parts to increase their strength and fatigue life.

Glass Bead Peening

Glass bead peening is generally used for similar purposes as its ceramic counterpart. It helps to increase the wear properties of components and parts that take on complex shapes. The glass shot used in this process creates bright satin finishes for thin-walled components.

Quality Shot Peening with DeLong Equipment

When trusted industry leaders carry out shot peening on your equipment, you can count on quality service and optimized parts. This technique can increase the fatigue strength of both new and damaged parts, which means that newer components will have full lives and old ones can be pushed to work just a little longer. Shot peening also serves to prevent cracking, galling, and fretting through creating a uniform finished service.

Shot peening helps enhance the lubricity of metal parts. The small pores that the process creates encourage lubricant accumulation. Because this process reduces brittleness, it can even work with hard steels, but lighter materials can also be used without sacrificing durability and strength.

If you would like to learn more about DeLong Equipment’s shot peening services, feel free to contact us today. We’re excited to see how we can get started.

Shot Peening Services Specifications

Type of Finishing Service Shot Peening
Media Steel Shot
Shot Size 70 to 460 (ten sizes in between)
Cast Iron
Process Stress Relief
Surface Strengthening
Part Length Up to 5 ft
Part Width Up to 1 ft
Part Weight Up to 40 lb
Production Volume Hundreds (smaller parts) to Thousands (larger parts)
Typical Lead Times Available
2 to 3 Days
Free Trial Parts
Rush Services Available
Additional Services Provided Parts Inspection
Contract and Fulfillment
Equipment Tumble Blast Wheel Machine

Air Blast Machine (automatic load/unload)

Spinner Hanger Wheelblast Machine (5 ft table)

8-wheel Monorail Wheelblast Machine

Air Blast Cabinets
Industry Focus
General Contracting
Heavy Equipment
Steel Mills
Investment Casting
Municipalities / Government
Oil and Gas
Die Casters
Metal Stamping
Metal Working
Truck /Trailer
Intended Application
Turbine Blades
Brake Pads
Aero Engine Components
Wing Skins
Landing Gear
Door Handles
Fan Blades
Automotive Components
Medical Parts
Industry Standards Metal Finishing Job Shop Association
File Formats Prints