Highly Effective Shot Blast and Shot Peening Equipment and Services

In order to modify metal materials, it is necessary to employ the right shot blast and shot peening equipment. This type of equipment takes abrasive particles and casts them against metal parts within a blast cabinet or room at high speeds in order to modify the surface or shape of the part. Typically, it’s used to highly refine a surface, prepare and perfect it. For some industries, this process is a critical requirement to help strengthen parts and to eradicate surfaces of defects – surfaces which could be thin in and of themselves. Delong not only provides a range of equipment for shot peening and blasting but also has a metal finishing job shop which can accommodate the needs of companies that do not have the facilities to do this on their own.

Delong Shot Peening Services and the DeLong Wheelabrating Shot Blast Machine

Delong Equipment Company operates its own facilities that take on dedicated projects for customers; from short run projects (a few hundred) to large scale projects (thousands). Most parts, from large to small parts can be accommodated. Working with in-house operations, Delong can help assess your particular needs and apply the shot peening and blasting equipment and appropriate process which will help meet your desired result. Our Delong Wheelabrating Shot Blast Machine’s are just one of the resources that we carry for such projects. It’s a top-of-the-line, heavy-duty, wheel blast line offers the latest technology and provides durable and high-quality wheel blast results.

If you are considering investing in shot blast equipment and shot peening services, contact us or complete the RFQ form. We can provide you with information about available products such as the DeLong Wheelabrating Shot Blast Machine’s. We are here to assist with all inquiries and give you any help with your projects. Founded in 1967, Delong Equipment Company distributes critical industrial equipment throughout the United States. With two processing and cleaning facilities in South Carolina and Atlanta, we are able to help you with your parts cleaning and processing needs. We can send technicians to the southeastern U.S. to help you 24 hours a day. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers in the automobile, aerospace, marine, metal stamping, military, die casting, stamping, railcar, fabrication and general manufacturing industries.