Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Equipment

Representing every blasting equipment manufacturer, Delong Equipment offers an exhaustive range of high quality shot blasting equipment.

Shot blasting is a process that uses abrasive media to clean or strengthen metal through the improvement of the metal’s surface finish. Blasting helps to prepare metal surfaces for various finishing treatments, such as plating, painting, and overlaying. It is also used in the removal of corrosion and, when used in the auto industry, helps to prepare new and restored parts alike.

There is a similar, but slightly different, process called shot peening. While blasting uses media in an abrasive way to knock away contaminants or microscopic imperfections in the material’s surface, peening uses media directly by applying force to create plastic deformation. This deformation alters characteristics of the metal, such as fatigue stress, thereby achieving results similar to those of certain blasting techniques.


  • Shot blasting is suitable for a range of purposes, including:
  • Removal of contaminants and corrosion, such as:
    • Rust
    • Lime scale
    • Calcium deposits
    • Fungus
  • Pre-finishing treatment preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Deflashing die cast parts
  • Deburring
  • Peening

The full range of shot blasting applications can be used across a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), aerospace, and defense industries — any industry that uses metal parts.


Shot blasting can be performed using either air blasting or wheel blasting equipment, though wheel blasting is far more common.

Rather than high-pressure air, wheel blasting equipment propels abrasive media using the centrifugal force created by a spinning wheel. That centrifugal force, adjustable by changing the speed of the wheel, fires the beads at a specific velocity, fine-tuning the abrasiveness of the process. Wheel blasting also allows for recycling of the abrasive media, which are normally steel shot, cut wire, pellet or grit.

The final results of the shot blasting process will depend on the abrasive media used, the velocity at which it is expelled from the equipment, the presence of additional solvents or chemicals, and other factors.


Ensuring that your shot blasting equipment is correctly adjusted will help to prevent significant damage to both the part being blasted and the equipment itself. Damage can be costly, requiring replacement parts and reduced production. Worn impellors, for instance, will result in a longer cleaning process and can even damage the blasting machine.

Incorrect proportions of abrasives will result in finishes that are rougher than intended and can cause lightening of finish textures. Ensure that your abrasive media is always correctly proportioned, and that all equipment is adjusted and in proper working order.

These simple precautions will allow your blasting operation to continue safely and smoothly.

Blasting Equipment from DeLong

After more than 50 years in business, DeLong Equipment Company has built a reputation as an industry leading purveyor of blasting equipment. Aside from offering equipment made by every blast equipment manufacturer, we offer replacement parts, maintenance and repair services, abrasive media of all varieties, clean materials, and much more.

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