Metal Finishing Services at Delong Equipment

Metal finishing services are essential for a variety of industrial purposes. Finishing processes may be used to improve an array of material properties, including durability or improved resistances. Enhancing such properties may significantly increase the operating lifecycle of metal parts. Unfinished metal components, especially in industrial environments, are prone to damage from air pollutants, chemical exposure, and unavoidable mechanical wear and tear.

At Delong Equipment, we provide a full range of metal finishing services to streamline equipment maintenance and optimize batch production. Our metal finishing processes can provide:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Superior resistance to harsh chemicals, such as cleaning solvents
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Superior preparation for finish coats
  • Smooth surfaces, reducing adhesion of contaminants
  • Increased safety for handling by removing jagged edges or dangerous burrs
  • Reduced downtime and expenses due to less frequent part repair/replacement

Below, we’ll examine some of the most common metal finishing services both low-volume and high-volume production.

Air Blasting Services

Air blasting uses an abrasive media powered by the force of compressed air to eliminate imperfection, leaving behind a smooth and uniform surface free from cracks, burrs, or corrosive contaminants. This process is also called abrasive blasting, or more generically, sandblasting.

Air blasting is quite versatile, with many types of media available. This versatility means that precision air blasting can be used to smooth or clean materials or parts in a wide variety of applications.

Aggressive Abrasives for Resilient Metals

  • Silicon carbide
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Crushed glass
  • Glass beads

Gentle Abrasives for Auto Restoration, Mold Removal, or Soft Materials

  • Steel shot
  • Walnut shells
  • Plastic
  • Corn cob
  • Steel grit

By varying the air pressure applied, the abrasive media used, or the angle of the nozzle, air blasting can be used for applications ranging from the gentle cleaning of fragile wood or plastic surfaces to smoothing and polishing of stone or metal.

Air Blasting System Types: Suction vs. Pressure Systems

Suction systems create a vacuum which pulls abrasive material from a storage hopper and propels it out of a blast gun. Suction systems offer a lower upfront cost and easy setup, but these benefits are offset by the system’s less efficient use of energy and compressed air. Suction systems are also restricted by a limited selection of abrasive types.

Pressure systems use compressed air to push the abrasive media through a feedline and out of the blast gun. They are significantly more efficient in their use of energy and compressed air, and they can use a much wider variety of abrasives, offering more versatility than the suction system.

At Delong Equipment, our air blasting equipment can be used for processes such as cleaning, peening, polishing, stripping old coatings, and deburring. Using adjustable blast velocity combined with our wide selection of abrasive media gives us the versatility to handle myriad jobs of any difficulty for both high and low volume production requirements. For cleaning applications, manufacturers can expect to reduce cleaning process time by up to 75% when compared to hand cleaning.

We provide industry leading air blasting solutions to suit the needs of all finishing or cleaning applications.

Vibratory Finishing Services: Mass Finishing or Mechanical Surface Finishing

Vibratory finishing machines offer solutions for cleaning, polishing, deburring, and radiusing inside deep cavities or tubular parts. The process is a mechanical/chemical procedure which is much safer than barrel finishing for large parts or parts prone to damage. This machine vibrates parts, causing them to rub against a specially shaped abrasive media – usually chips or stones – and a compound solution.

The advantage here over barrel finishing is that parts in a vibratory finishing machine only need to move in fractions of an inch rather than tumbling across the diameter of a large barrel. This makes it the perfect metal finishing technique for large parts such as engine components, but vibratory finishing is also used to finish parts in a much wider range of applications, including:

  • Stampings
  • Brass forgings
  • Copper plumbing fittings
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics

The advantages of vibratory finishing are numerous. The process features minimum wear on parts, while at the same time producing significantly smoother surfaces. Vibratory finishing is not labor-intensive and produces precise uniform finishing for a broad spectrum of processes, such as:

  • Deburring
  • Surface smoothing
  • Brightening
  • Burnishing
  • Degreasing
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Radiusing
  • Drying

At Delong Equipment we offer vibratory finishing services using advanced vibratory machines and vibratory compounds, including our top of the line Bio-Clean solution.

Wheel Blasting Services

Wheel blasting is a finishing process in which a rotating blast wheel throws shot or grit at a workpiece. The heart of a wheel blasting machine is the impeller pump, which ejects shot or grit into a control cage located at the center of the wheel. From there the grit is pumped to the blades of the wheel where the rotating force propels it at the surface of the workpiece.

At Delong Equipment, our wheel blasting machines fall into four main categories:

  1. Tumble blast machines

A rotating cabinet gently tumbles the workpiece repeatedly to ensure uniform exposure. This machine is useful for batch production when surfaces being blasted are equally exposed on all sides. Tumble blast machines range in size from 1.5 cubic feet to 34 cubic feet and are available with rubber or steel belts. Tumble blasting is useful for automotive parts, forged parts, die-castings, and heat-treated parts.

  1. Table blast machines

Frequently used for extremely large workpieces, table blast machines are designed as fully integrated systems. The piece is placed on a turntable inside of a blasting cabinet, where the workpiece is then bombarded with abrasive media as it rotates. Table blasting offers a very cost-effective solution for ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, and die-cast parts, among others. Larger table blasting machines are available to handle large parts.

  1. Spinner hanger machines

The spinner hanger offers a solution for fragile or oddly shaped workpieces which can’t be tumbled. Part-on-part contact is prevented by hanging the piece from an overhead conveyor passing through the top of the blasting cabinet.

  1. Continuous, or in-line, blast machines

These high-volume machines use conveyors or rails to carry workpieces through the wheel blasting machine instead of placing them in a blast cabinet individually. This enables continuous and efficient finishing on large production runs.

The benefits of wheel blasting include highly consistent surface preparation results. Wheel blasting systems don’t require compressed air, and they excel at finishing the surfaces of large workpieces which would be difficult to treat using other metal finishing processes.

Wheel blasting can be customized for a variety of applications by:

  • Varying the distance between the wheel and the surface being prepared
  • Changing the shot or grit used
  • Altering the angle of the thrown shot or grit
  • Adjusting the number of times per second the process occurs.

Wheel blasting reduces preparation time for finishing and results in a consistently reliable surface preparation. Delong Equipment offers a variety of designs, including flow-through, Y-track, and continuous in-line.

These designs provide advantages such as low headroom requirements and low initial investment, while delivering complete blast coverage without damaging parts. Delong Equipment has been a trusted supplier of wheel blasting services since 1967 and our expert team is always available to consult with you about your specific blasting application requirements.

Maximize Profitability with Delong Equipment’s Metal Finishing Services

If you’re lacking the skilled labor, equipment, or expertise to meet the challenges of extra capacity for high production jobs, Delong Equipment has the resources and capacity to help you bring your metal finishing project to completion. We can use our extensive range of abrasive blasting equipment or silver plating equipment, as well as supply the manpower and expertise you need to maximize productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, profitability.

Don’t let a lack of equipment or qualified personnel block you from taking advantage of lucrative opportunities when they arise. We can provide that extra capacity when you need it.

Protect Your Investment with Delong Equipment Maintenance Service

The best way to protect your investment is to maximize the performance of all your blast equipment with Delong Equipment maintenance services. Our expert service teams make it their mission to keep your machines running at peak performance by keeping equipment fine-tuned with regularly scheduled adjustments and providing timely repairs when they are needed.

Our skilled technicians are fully trained and equipped to service all brands and types of blasting equipment. We can handle everything from routine maintenance to troubleshooting, service inspections, and rebuilds.

Scheduled service inspections can track the state of your equipment, considering production levels, workflow, abrasive consumption, and wear and tear. Any required action is noted in the inspection report and repairs and adjustments are carried out by our technician as part of routine maintenance. Scheduled service inspections can reduce downtime and eliminate catastrophic run-to-failure scenarios by discovering minor maintenance issues and correcting them before they lead to catastrophic equipment failure.

Rebuilds and Upgrades

When it’s time for an equipment rebuild or upgrade, Delong Equipment has the capabilities you need. We offer complete overhaul services for dust collection, wheel blast, vibratory blast, and air blast equipment. We can install new equipment including wheel, air, vibratory, parts washers, dust collection, and water jet cutting. Our skilled technicians can also install aftermarket replacement parts.

We can handle PLC upgrades with touchscreen controls, and we offer engineering services for all rebuilds and upgrades to ensure you get the results you expect from your investment.

DeLong Equipment: Your Metal Finishing Partner

You can rely on Delong Equipment to be your single resource for all industrial surface preparation and finishing needs. We’ve been a trusted provider since 1967, offering:

  • A comprehensive product line of wheel and air blast equipment
  • Blasting abrasives
  • Vibratory finishing equipment, media, and compounds
  • A complete line of parts, washers, and dust collection equipment
  • Pre-owned equipment for purchase as is or rebuilt and upgraded by our certified service team
  • A wide range of metal finishing services

We’ve been helping clients in industries such as aerospace, automotive, military, rail, heavy equipment, machining, and steel fabricating for more than 50 years. Our three facilities in the Southeast comprise over 58,000 square feet, where we offer consumables distribution, job shop services, fulfillment, and contract manufacturing.

When you’re ready to put our metal finishing industry expertise to work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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