Industrial Parts Washers

Industrial & Manufactured Parts Washers

In order to prepare components for the next step in manufacturing processes, industrial washers are needed to clean, coat, or purify materials. DeLong Equipment Company offers a number of washers made by Almco, Jenfab, Wayne Machine, and other leading U.S. manufacturers.

A number of media can be used in industrial washers, including hot water, detergents and solvents, abrasive particles, and other materials. Regardless of the cleaning method used, the goal is ultimately the same: to thoroughly clean the parts running through the washer. The parts being washed will determine the cleaning method, cleaning media used, and type of washer to use for the job; the specific type of debris that a process is meant to remove also plays a factor in deciding which cleaning methods to utilize.

Many industrial washers can load, wash, dry, and unload parts automatically using conveyor belts. The process can be completely controlled by computers using software such as the TRANSTAR Automation System or our proprietary MBT Automation System. Full automation saves manpower, reduces cost, and increases washing efficiency.

Types of Washers

Many types of equipment are available to clean industrial parts. In thermal systems, heat is used to remove grease, paint, or organic material, while degreasers use solvents to remove compounds that water cannot remove. Spray washers use pressurized streams of water mixed with cleaning compounds, while ultrasonic cleaners immerse parts in a cleaning solution, then agitate the solution using ultrasonic frequencies. Industrial washers can even be used to coat parts or deburr them.

Additional equipment options for industrial washers are as varied as the parts they’re used to clean — some available options can include:

• Water softeners
• Separators
• Filtration systems
• Heaters (gas, electric, or steam)
• Tanks
• Spinning spray arms
• Solvents, chemicals, and other compounds

Each of these parts has a specific effect on the cleaning operation. It is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each in order to ensure that your selected industrial washers will meet your particular job requirements.


Industrial washers can be used for numerous applications across a diverse range of industries. Strippers may remove paint to allow for welding and repairs, while general cleaners simply prepare the surface for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Cleaning in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries allows for even the smallest contaminants to be removed from the surface of parts, providing complete sterilization of parts. Certain washers are capable of cleaning both the inside and outside of plastic containers or glass bottles, increasing their usefulness across different applications.

Regardless of your industry, it is likely that you have parts that require cleaning. Knowing your options will help you to select the best equipment to keep your current project – and your business – running smoothly.

Visit our website to learn more about the industrial parts washers we carry, or contact our experts to discuss your specific washer needs.


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