Rotary Drum Parts Washer

Item # 3072 W-G

ALMCO - the leader in supplying industrial washers and dryers also excels in design applications for rotary drum parts washers and dryer systems. These unique units are for continuous small parts cleaning and drying when other type conveyor belts or basket applications won't work. Parts are spiraled through the cleaning drum chamber via the helix and are both submerged in liquid and sprayed via a nozzle-equipped manifold for complete tumbled cleaning.

This unit is a complete feed-thru operation, which allows for parts to be fed directly from the washer section to a rotary drying system if required.

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Diameter 30
Length 72
Speed 0 to 6
Capacity 300
Material Stainless Steel


  • 30" diameter x 72" long perforated stainless steel washer drum
  • Continuous welded helix on both sides
  • Variable drum speed from 0-6 RPM through an AC variable frequency drive unit
  • 300 gallon wash tank
  • Gas heat
  • Stainless steel removable chip basket