MTC-4 Multi-Configuration
Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The MTC-4 is a 4-tank ultrasonic cleaning system which is available in 2 standard configurations; clean/rinse/rinse/dry, or clean/rinse/rust dip/dry. The system can be manufactured to meet any 4-stage processing requirements if a standard design does not adequately address the application. These systems are also available with automation systems such as our TRANSTAR Automation System, or exclusive MBT Automation System.

The MTC-4 is available as a clean/rinse/rinse/dry system for applications requiring zero-residue cleaning results and parts drying, or as a clean/rinse/rust dip/dry system, with one ultrasonic cleaning tank, 1 rinse tank, a rust preventative dip tank, and 1 drying tank.
The MTC-4, like all Zenith cleaning machines, is manufactured using the highest grade of materials available, and includes features such as Particulate Filtration, stainless steel access panels, and Digital Cycle Timers to increase the longevity of the cleaning agent and system, while simultaneously providing convenient operation.

Controls are enclosed in a NEMA4X fiberglass electrical enclosure rather than a steel enclosure to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. Systems also include drain and fill ports with ball valves to provide for easy liquid maintenance operations.

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