Industrial Part Washers

Industrial Parts Washers for the Cleaning, Surface Treatment and Surface Preparation of Metal Parts in Batch or Continuous Modes 
Industrial parts washers are critical to industrial manufacturing. They can help to purify, cleanse, coat, remove oils and liquids and smooth out/deburr materials that have yet to be prepared for other steps in the process. Delong Equipment sells a number of washers offered by ALMCO, Jenfab, Wayne Machine and other leading U.S. manufacturers. They come in a number of configurations (mesh belt, u-bend, conveyor, multi stage, agitation/dip tank, basket, cabinet, immersion, table, robotic, ultrasonic…. etc.) and sizes. Our goal is to create a more efficient process on your manufacturing line that will help speed up production while decreasing your costs.

Multi-Stage Conveyor versus Modular Systems 
The multi-stage conveyor system depends on the feeding of product through an automated line. The benefits of such a washing system are predictability, reliability and minimal ongoing maintenance. For manufacturing operations that do not operate in the “line” fashion but are modular and require modular functionality compatible, more adaptable industrial parts washers would be suitable.

Various Configurations of Washers 
Depending on manufacturing processes, certain facilities should consider a washing system that has 2 configurations (clean / rinse / rinse / dry) and (clean / rinse / rust dip / dry). Most systems such as these can be modified to accommodate most 4 stage processes – those that fall outside the standard. Such machines are typically used in refined industrial applications that require a zero residue result. Other washing systems may offer less or more flexibility depending on their cost and their ability to be retrofitted.
Should you have any questions about industrial parts washers offered, please contact us. Founded in 1967, we distribute throughout the United States, and our two processing and cleaning facilities/job shops in South Carolina and Atlanta allow us to help industrial companies with their cleaning and processing needs. We also have technicians that travel the southeastern USA, including Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama to perform sales and service. We seek to provide exceptional service to our customers in the automobile, aerospace, military, medical, rail, oil and gas, marine, metal stamping and general fabrication and manufacturing industries.

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Cabinet Series For "on-line" cleaning in manufacturing work cells
With an emphasis on quality and compact design, Almco introduces a new line of cabinet parts washers for industry. The Almco system not only cleans your product, it filters, cleans and reclaims your cleaning liquids with several optionally-available filtration systems in one smooth, energy, cost- and time-saving operation.

Front Load Cabinet Parts Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off

Zeniths MBT Automation System is simply the most reliable and consistent automation system available anywhere. This system not only consistently and accurately transfers baskets through multi-stage clean/rinse/dry systems, but also adds features which can't be added to pick & place automation systems.
Most pick & place automation systems, such as the Transtar Automation System, moves baskets from tank to tank by lifting them, transferring them, and lowering them into each process tank.

The MTC-4 is a 4-tank ultrasonic cleaning system which is available in 2 standard configurations; clean/rinse/rinse/dry, or clean/rinse/rust dip/dry. The system can be manufactured to meet any 4-stage processing requirements if a standard design does not adequately address the application. These systems are also available with automation systems such as our TRANSTAR Automation System, or exclusive MBT Automation System.

Our line of ruggedly built, in-line conveyors are the perfect solution for any flow-through process. Available with multiple stages, these machines can include wash, rinse, rust inhibit, blow-off, and drying stages for a wide variety of applications. Built to your exact needs, these machines can be provided with basic controls or they can be fully automated. Choose from our standard line of products or have our team of engineers design a wash system for your specific need.

ALMCO - the leader in supplying industrial washers and dryers also excels in design applications for rotary drum parts washers and dryer systems. These unique units are for continuous small parts cleaning and drying when other type conveyor belts or basket applications won't work. Parts are spiraled through the cleaning drum chamber via the helix and are both submerged in liquid and sprayed via a nozzle-equipped manifold for complete tumbled cleaning. This unit is a complete feed-thru operation, which allows for parts to be fed directly from the washer section to a rotary drying system if required.

Our Item # RCW-36E Stainless Steel Front Load Cabinet Rotary Parts Washer features Oil wheel with collection tank, Removable chip basket, Adjustable spray pressure, NEMA 12 electrical enclosure, Door safety interlock, Adjustable wash cycle timer, and Electric immersion heater.

ALMCO offers... cost-saving solutions to cleaning and drying problems you would expect only from the leader in industrial finishing.
Almco - the leader in Industrial Finishing Systems for over five decades - offers the final equipment solution to your cleaning and drying problems. We have applied our engineering and field expertise gained from manufacturing machines for deburring parts, to solid systems designed for washing and drying in industry.