High-Quality Systems For Dust Collection

Proper Dust Collection Systems are essential to maintaining a clean, safe environment for your employees during blasting operations.

Blasting operations are used to clean dirt and other debris off of part surfaces, and to prepare surfaces for secondary treatment. By its nature, the blasting process results in a great deal of dust. This dust can be potentially harmful not only to the operator, but also to equipment in the area around the blasting operation.

Minimizing the risks involved with blasting is an important part of your business, and DeLong Equipment offers top quality dust collection systems to help you. Our dust collection systems are the perfect solution for controlling airborne contaminants.

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We offer three varieties of dust collection systems manufactured by Empire and Torit.

We carry two Emerson Cartridge Dust Collectors, the CDC-6 and CDC-9 models. They feature a continuous duty design, boosting productivity — the air-blast system does not need to be shut down during cartridge changes, and a slide-gate seals the hopper when the 16-gallon waste drum is removed.

The Emerson collectors feature automatic controls, including optional photohelic controls, and minihelic dust buildup gauges. The collectors’ cartridges capture more than 99% of particles larger than .5 microns — this results in filtered air so clean that it can be recirculated into the workplace, saving additional HVAC costs.

DeLong also carries Emerson High-Volume Systems Cartridge Dust Collectors, specifically the EM2-2 and EM2-4 models. These collectors function much the same way as the CDC models, with only a few minor differences:

  • Photohelic gauges are standard
  • Larger capacity — they accommodate 55-gallon waste drums
  • Specially designed intake to improve the lifespan of interior components that face large-scale exposure to abrasive media and dust

In addition to the Emerson collectors, DeLong also carries three Torit collectors from their Downflo® Oval DFO line. The DF-650 5 hp, DF-650 7.5 hp, and VS-3000 are designed to maximize filtration and filter life in very large, very demanding applications.

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Dust Collection Filters

A dust collection system does little good MTif it is not equipped with the right filter. At DeLong, we manufacture filter cartridges for every major dust collector manufacturer. Not only do our filters fit all makes and models, but each is manufactured to the OEM’s exact specifications. We manufacture filters in a variety of sizes and in a range of materials.

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