Even though dust may not seem like an issue to be overly concerned with, the fact is, maintaining a dust-free facility is vital for the safety of employees and the longevity of equipment. To prevent possible problems associated with dust buildup, many businesses implement dust collection systems to create a safer working environment.

What Raises the Need for Dust Collection?

dust collectionDust can be problematic in many ways, and depending on the type of dust that is generated, it could also be hazardous. The chance of increased exposure to dust raises the need for dust collecting in several ways, and the most prominent of these is its ability to make the workplace safer. By removing dust particles from the air, there will be a reduced chance that the common health problems associated with dust accumulation, such as headaches and congestion, will occur.

In addition to eliminating the health hazards, industrial dust collection systems reduce the chance of fire and combustion, which can be an issue as dust collects around machinery – This is especially valuable in workplaces where equipment operates at high temperatures or where significant amounts of static electricity are created.

Considerations When Implementing a Dust Collection System

While a dust collection system may be the best way to eliminate particles in the air, some problems need to be addressed before installing a collection unit. The first thing to consider when implementing a system is the amount of space that will be needed for the unit, as some models can be quite large. However, the size of the system that is required will vary depending on the amount of dust to be filtered and the scope of the facility.

Furthermore, it is recommended that dust collection systems be located outdoors, to reduce hazards that can be encountered during the filtering process, and therefore, it may be necessary to free up additional space near the perimeter of the building. If there is no space available outside the facility, then the unit can be installed indoors, but it must adhere to the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The cleaning of the filter system can also be problematic in certain situations depending on circumstances. The bags used to collect the dust after it has been pulled from the air must be emptied, and this in itself can create a dust cloud if not properly handled. In fact, the bags that are used to hold the collected dust particles are susceptible to tearing, and this could also cause significant amounts of dust to be let out into the environment.

Lastly, dust collection units can pose a fire hazard if they are improperly used or if there is a lack of preventative maintenance; e.g. This can occur when the dust is being pulled through the fans which provide the suction for the filtering process. If these fans or the adjoining components become overheated, the dust particles could combust, which could lead to an explosion. This is the primary reason that the NFPA recommends that dust collection systems be installed outdoors and away from workers.

Dust is a concern in every workplace, especially industrial and manufacturing facilities, and it is for this reason that many businesses install dust collection systems. These collection systems will help to eliminate the potential hazards caused by dust, such as health related issues and fire concerns.

Shopping for Dust Collection Systems

DeLong Equipment Company offers a full catalog of new and used dust collection systems for your industrial facility. With over 40 years of service, you can be assured that we’ll set you up with a system that meets all of your needs. If you have questions about any of our products or services, be sure to reach out to our team.