Cartridge Collectors for High-Production Systems (EM)

Designed for dust collection with high-production equipment such as automated air-blast systems, these EM cartridge collectors increase air flow, provide more filtration area and clean filters automatically.

The filter-cleaning system features a photohelic gauge provided as standard equipment. This unit responds to high and low set points-measured in terms of pressure differential across the filtering material-to activate the jet-pulse cleaning process.

Once the pressure limits have been set, these collectors essentially clean themselves.

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Item #Blower AssemblyFlowStatic PressureFiltration AreaEnclosure Size (in)
7.5 hp
900 to 1200 CFM6" to 18"528 sq ft40" x 65" x 150"
EM2-47.5 hp
10 hp
15 hp
1600 to 2600 CFM6" to 18"1,056 sq ft60" x 65" x 150"