Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, finished products are typically composed of countless parts. Assembled products used in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries are notoriously complex.

Individual components of a full part cannot always be produced in a single facility, nor can many manufacturing facilities perform the different surface treatments a part might require for proper functioning. Doing so would be cost-prohibitive, and assembly facilities simply do not have the space or workforce capable of manufacturing every part necessary for a finished product.

Outsourcing to a contract manufacturer (CM) is the best way for a manufacturer to receive the components they require for their assembled product in a timely fashion without sacrificing adherence to strict industry requirements. Contracting a reputable CM ensures that the piece is manufactured by knowledgeable specialists and that the finished product will be of the highest quality.

With nearly 50 years of industry experience, DeLong Equipment Company has long been a trusted mechanical metal finishing company. OEMs operating in a variety of industries turn to us for all of their finishing needs based on our equipment capabilities, our industry expertise, and our unmatched production capacity.

The Process

In order to find the right CM for a new project, the hiring company approaches various CMs with their design and requirements. The CM examines the specifications and returns a quote based on the necessary tooling, labor, manufacturing, and material costs for the job.

Normally, a client seeks quotes from a number of different CMs in order to choose a source that best fits their needs and budget. Once a CM is selected, they begin producing the components needed by the client.

CMs offer virtually any capability a hiring company may need for their job, from die casting and forging to CNC machining and complex assembly. CMs often specialize in particular parts or processes.

As metal finishing experts, DeLong can provide a variety of part washing, wheel, air, and vibratory blasting, and surface preparation services. Additionally, DeLong offers die casting, forging, sorting, and fulfillment services.

Many companies contract DeLong Equipment as a CM for metal finishing, representing industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • OEM
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Firearm
  • Medical
  • Medical implants

The Benefits

Contracting with CMs offers OEMs a number of direct benefits. These can include:

Cost Efficiency — Hiring a CM often saves OEMs money. CMs help to make the manufacturing process more efficient and eliminate the need for equipment and skilled labor costs.

Quality — Establishing positive working relationships with trustworthy CMs who observe stringent internal quality control protocols, as DeLong does, provides the peace of mind that the components will meet even the strictest standards found in any industry.

Specialized Skills — When contracting a CM, companies acquire more than the CM’s services; they acquire the knowledge, experience, and skill of expert employees. CMs that focus on particular processes, like DeLong, employ talented workers that specialize in those same processes and skills that a company’s own workforce may lack.

Focus — Knowing that the components integral to their products are in knowledgeable, highly skilled hands allows the hiring company to focus on other important aspects of the business, such as developing new products or nurturing their client list.

Contract manufacturing offers a number of benefits for businesses that are unable to produce the components they need for their product. The right CM can provide the skills, quality control, and cost-effectiveness needed for a successful project.

To learn more about DeLong Equipment Company and the mechanical metal finishing services we offer, contact us today.

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