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Thanks for visiting. We have offices in Atlanta, GAGreenville, SC, as you will see below or you can contact us directly from this page, using the form below.

Specific representative contact phone numbers and email addresses are located under their respective home offices.

Feel free to contact us via phone by calling our general office phone number, 800-548-8233.

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Atlanta GA Office

Atlanta, GA

JACK BONNER: Technical Sales Representative
(Alabama, Mississippi, West Georgia, North Florida)
Cell: 770-851-5235
Email: jbonner -at- delongequipment -dot- com

RANDY LATOUR: Technical Sales Representative
(Florida, Georgia, Alabama)
Cell: 407-415-0249
Email: rlatour -at- delongequipment -dot- com

RICH BURNS: General Manager
Cell: 770-296-4029
Email: rburns -at- delongequipment -dot- com


Office: 404-607-1234 Ext. 244
Email: bconstable -at- delongequipment -dot- com

ROB ESKEW: Senior Advisor
Cell: 678-637-4273
Email: reskew -at- delongequipment -dot- com

KRISTI SHADDOCK: Operations Manager
Office: 404-607-1234
Email: kshaddock -at- delongequipment -dot- com

JACLYN ALEXANDER: Customer Service
Office: 404-607-1234
Email: jalexander -at- delongequipment -dot- com

Amy Byington: Customer Service
Office: 404-607-1234
Email: abyington -at- delongequipment -dot- com

Cameron Green: Customer Service
Office: 404-607-1234
Email: cgreen -at- delongequipment -dot- com

Greenville SC Office

Greenville, SC

DAVE CHEMELL: Product Specialist/Parts Washing, Vibratory, Compounds, Fluids
Cell: 864-417-7098
Email: dchemell -at- delongequipment -dot- com

ROXANNE COPE: Inside Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing
(North Carolina, South Carolina, East Tennessee, Virginia)
Office: 864-675-6400
Email: rcope -at- delongequipment -dot- com

CHRISTINA KALLIO: Customer Service, Inside Sales
Office: 864-675-6400
Email: ckallio -at- delongequipment -dot- com

TIM DANIELS: Branch Manager and Service Manager
Cell: 864-905-1354
Email: tdaniels -at- delongequipment -dot- com

ADAM STALEY: Product Specialist - Coated Abrasives, Bonded Abrasives and Hand Tools
Cell: 704-654-7972
astaley -at- delongequipment -dot- com

Josh Buckles: Job Shop Manager
Cell: 864-721-2470
jbuckles -at- delongequipment -dot- com

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