No Two Parts Are the Same, just as no two products are the same.

Manufacturing processes, components, assemblies, and uses all differ widely from product to product. With such a broad variety of types of parts, there are a variety of commercial sandblasters for their treatment and cleaning.

Since our founding in 1967, DeLong Equipment Company has been a leading provider of sandblasting services and commercial sandblasters for sale. We have extensive knowledge of different types of blasting, their benefits, and their ideal uses.

Blasting Methods

There are two overall blasting methods commonly used for commercial and industrial blasting applications — wheel and air.

Wheel blasting uses centrifugal force to propel generally larger abrasive media, such as plastic, ceramic, or steel shot, against the work-pieces. In contrast, air blasting uses compressed air to propel smaller media. Air blasting, the primary sandblasting method, is a powerful one.

Commercial Sandblasting

Its high pressure velocity and small media size make sandblasting particularly well suited for cleaning applications. Commercial and industrial sandblasting is used to clean the work-pieces, removing loose metal shavings and other manufacturing debris, to deburr the parts, or to physically prepare the surface prior to finishing processes, such as painting or plating.

In post-production scenarios, sandblasting is used for cleaning, as it is capable of removing fungus, carbon scale deposits, rust, other corrosion, and additional contaminants.

Sandblasting Subtypes

There are a number of subtypes of air blasting.

In hydro-blasting, the blast media is mixed with water, which limits the physical impact on the work-piece and allows for easy recycling of the media. Wet blasting adds soap or other detergents to the mix, allowing for enhanced cleaning capabilities and use on hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

There are also highly specialized industrial and commercial sandblasting methods. Dry ice blasting, for example, is an air blasting technique that uses dry ice as the abrasive media. Dry ice functions as regular media does, with the added benefit of super cooling the work-pieces — the cooling causes the work-piece to shrink minutely, dislodging additional microscopic contaminants that may resist standard sandblasting.

Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, to enhance the efficacy of blasting while reducing physical impact to the work-piece itself.

Sandblasting Equipment

DeLong Equipment Company carries new and used, industrial and commercial sandblasting equipment for sale from every major manufacturer. Our stock includes high quality blast cabinets from:

• Pulsar
• Aerolyte

Our offerings include standard blast cabinets, specialized blast cabinets such as the Aerolyte Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet, finishing cabinets, deburring cabinets, reclamation systems, pre-assembled blast rooms, custom blast rooms, used sandblasting equipment and more.

Whatever your commercial blasting needs, DeLong can help you meet them. To learn more about industrial sandblasting, blasting media, and our commercial sandblasting equipment, contact us today.