Item # ISB 02601

Spin-Blast Tool Less Carriage, with Nozzles

Designed to blast clean large diameter pipe with the same direct force as standard blast nozzles. Two Tungsten Carbide nozzles provide mechanism to rotate blast head while propelling abrasive to the surface. Cleans pipe at rates unobtainable by any other means due to its hard hitting force.

Two new centering carriages have been developed to improve Spin-Blast travel through piping. Model CSC-0817 carriage covers diameters from 8 to 17; model CSC-1236 handles 12 to 36. Each carriage is quickly and easily adjustable.

Five nozzle sizes are available to obtain the best possible cleaning rate. Nozzle selection is based on severity of surface condition and compressed air supply. Standard unit is furnished with 1/4 orifice 1-3/4 long nozzles. Refer to chart below for recommendations that apply to specific applications.

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Nozzle Size 1/4 x 1 3/4
Pipe Dia. n/a
Spin-Blast Carriage SB-636
Recommended Compressor Size n/a