Internal Pipe Cleaning, Three Easy Ways

Internal pipe surface preparation is accomplished easier, faster and more economically by the use of Clemcos family of Pipe Cleaning Tools. All these tools are designed to blast clean without the necessity of rotating the pipe. They remove rust, old paint and any other contaminant better than any other method. Through highly powered abrasive impact, precise surface profiles can be obtained which will ensure proper adhesion for long life coatings. Standard abrasive blast machines are used in conjunction with ail Pipe Cleaning Tools.

Pipe Cleaning Tools are constructed, in part, of high grade Tungsten Carbide and engineered to provide many hours of productive work. Various Tungsten Carbide nozzle sizes are available to comply with the range of pipe diameters. Any standard blasting abrasive may be used with the exception of Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide. Maximum abrasive size is 16 mesh on Spin-Blast, 20 mesh on Hollo-Blast and 30 mesh on Hollo-Blast Junior.

Pipe Cleaning Tools, which simply replace conventional blast nozzles at the end of the hose, are powered by compressed air. Abrasive is accelerated and pro pelled through specially designed nozzles. End result is high velocity - hard impact on the surface that will remove the most stubborn materials. Pipe and tubing ranging in size from 3/4 to 36 may be blast cleaned by the assortment of pipe cleaning tools fitted with various centering devices. The Spin-Blast tool accommodates inner diameters from 8 to 36 with its two centering carriages, The Hollo-Blast tool will clean 2 l.D. by itself and extends up to 12 I.D., when either of its two centering devices are attached. To handle smaller diameters. the Hollo-Blast Junior cleans 3/4 to 2 l.D., which requires the use of four centering collars to cover the size range.

Pipe Cleaning Tools are designed for manual travel through pipe. Before blasting, tools are pushed through pipe to the opposite end. When the blast machine is turned on, the operator pulls the tool through pipe at a speed necessary to obtain desired degree of cleaning.   Contact us today to learn more or Request a Quote.

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Item #Item NameNozzle SizePipe Dia.Spin-Blast CarriageRecommended Compressor Size
ISB 02601Spin-Blast Tool Less
Carriage, with Nozzles
1/4 x 1 3/4n/aSB-636n/a
ISB 02603Spare Parts Kit for
ISB 03641Spin-Blast Carriagen/an/aCSC-0817 n/a
ISB 01408Nozzle1/4 x 18 to 12CSC-0817250 CFM