Item # 4652

ProFormer™ Blast Cabinets

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Overall Depth 82
Overall Width 54
Overall Height 82
Inside Depth Cabinet 46
Inside Width Cabinet 52
Inside Height Cabinet 48
Door sizes, Left and Right (D x H) 39 x 32
Ceramic Nozzle (Pressure) 3/I6
Ceramic Nozzle (Suction-Airjet) 5/16-5/32
Pipe String (Pressure) 1
Pipe String (Suction) 1/2
Pressure Vessel (ASME Certified) 1
Blower Motor 1-1/2
Ventilation Capacity 600
Electrical Hookup [V] 230
Electrical Hookup [Hz] 60
Electrical Hookup [phase] 1
Dust-collector Filtration Area 206
Shipping Weight, Pressure System 1670
Shipping Weight, Suction System 1460


Dust Collection & Media Loading
ProFormer cabinets are equipped with cartridge- type dust collectors to facilitate a quick change of filtration surfaces. These two cartridges have a filtration area of 103 square feet each, providing a total of 206 square feet, and can be replaced in minutes through the cabinet door. As a result, loose dust falls into the cabinet rather than onto the work floor.

The standard minihelic gauge shows pressure differential across the filters, prompting the operator to activate the pulse-cleaning mechanism. With the photohelic upgrade, pulse cleaning is initiated automatically when the system detects a pres sure differential pre-set at a certain limit. Replenishing media is essentially fool-proof with ProFormer cabinets. They are specially designed to prevent clogging when abrasives are loaded through the cabinet floor.

Other Features

  • Rubber, cloth-lined gloves
  • Two, 90-watt flood lights
  • Dust-off gun
  • Pneumatic foot-treadle control
  • 14" x 22" safety-glass window with quick-change frame
  • Air-pressure regulator and gauge
  • Media regulator
  • Leveling bolts
  • 14-gauge construction on cabinet enclosure
  • 3/16" perforated floor with 1000- pound capacity

Standard Factory Options

  • Three-phase and other electrical hookups
  • Manual turntables
  • Fixed-gun holders
  • Rotating door- attached baskets
  • Extended-wear components, including rubber curtains, window protectors, heavy- duty ducting, wear-resistant nozzles and reclaimer linings
  • Automatic Sure-Flo® media regulator
  • MG- 78 CR exhaust valve
  • Vibrating reclaimer screen
  • Magnetic ferrous-particle extractor
  • Photohelic gauge/activator for automatic pulse cleaning of dust- collector cartridges
  • Rubber safety mats

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