Pro-Finish Basket Blasters

Empires Pro-Finish® basket blasters automate cleaning, peening and finishing of small work pieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.

All you have to do is load parts into the unit, set the precision timer, and the basket blaster does the rest. As parts are rotated through an abrasive blast stream, they are Processed evenly and automatically.

Special features on Empires Pro-Finish basket blasters include an unloading chute to speed parts handling, and a polyurethane-lined media reclaimer plus heavy-duty ductwork that reduce maintenance requirements. Two models are available: a BB4-3K with a 350-pound parts capacity and three pneumatically controlled oscillating blast nozzles that increase production rates while reducing power consumption, and a smaller BB2-3K unit with two fixed nozzles and a capacity of 300 pounds.

Put either unit to work and your parts Finishing costs should start to take a tumble right away For more information about Pro-Finish basket blasters, contact Empire or call your Empire distributor to arrange for a demonstration.

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Item #Item NameOutside Depth of Cabinet with ReclaimerOutside Width of Cabinet with ReclaimerOutside Height of Cabinet with ReclaimerFan SizeRated CFM at 6" S.P.Cloth Area
BB2-3KBasket Blaster615674n/an/an/a
BB4-3KBasket Blaster618774n/an/an/a
CDC-6Dust Collector (Cartridge)n/an/an/a1 1/2600n/a
CDC-8Dust Collector (Cartridge)n/an/an/a1 1/2600n/a
DOM-200Dust Collector (bag house)n/an/an/a1 1/2600200
DOM-80ADust Collector (bag house)n/an/an/a140080