Pre-Assembled Blast Room

  • No Pit Required
  • Quickest Set-Up
  • Lowest Total Cost for Complete System
  • Enclosure, Blast Machine, Operator Safety Equipment, Recovery, Reclaimer, and Dust Collector
  • Turnkey or Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • An Industrial Blast Facility

The pre-assembled blast room is built on a rigid structural steel floor, with 10-gauge steel walls and 16-gauge steel ceiling, 1 1/2-inch thick floor grating, and full-height, full-width work doors.

Baffled and screened air inlets and a high-capacity reverse-pulse cartridge dust collector combine to create true cross-draft ventilation at 50 fpm to minimize dust clouding inside. Bright fluorescent lighting enhances visibility.

Place the room on any smooth, level floor to minimize site-prep requirements, or install in a pit to make the blast room floor level with your existing floor.

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Item #Item Name
1432Flat-Trak Pre-Assembled Blast Room
1433M-Section Pre-Assembled Blast Room
1434Typical M-Section Pre-Assembled Blast Room