Item # TT-36

Indexing Turntable Machines

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  No. Of stations   6
  Capacity per station   20
  Turntable Dia.   30
  Max. Part Size (Dia.)   12
  Max. Part Size (Height)   20
  Suction Guns   Up to 12
  Pressure Nozzles   Up to 8

Because of their versatility, our indexing turntable machines handle a wide range of high-production jobs at a very attractive cost. Some of the features and options contributing to the unexcelled performance of our indexing-turntable units are listed below.
We can tailor these machines to meet your needs with a minimum of custom engineering.

  • Adjustable, fixed or vertically oscillating guns or nozzles in addition to a rotating part blow-off device. Options include an ionized station to reduce static electricity and assure cleaner parts.
  • Custom fixturing and masking are available to meet special application requirements.
  • Belt drive assures accurate part positioning for pick- and-place or robotic loading.
  • Pneumatic, vertical-sliding doors speed up loading, constrain blast debris and reduce noise when equipped with a sound attenuator.
  • You have the choice of a suction, standard-press Lire or continuous-pressure blast system.
  • A pull-down shade inside the viewing window protects transparent surfaces; a 1/4" rubber lining prolongs the life of metal surfaces on machine interiors.
  • Automatic media-replenishing system boosts productivity by minimizing downtime for refills and returning "clean" media to the system for more consistent air- blast results.
  • Urethane media-return duct, with replaceable liner, prolongs tube life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Infrared light curtain starts and stops blasting automatically. The curtain frees operators to perform other tasks while blasting is in progress.
  • Large access door simplifies maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty door, latch and hinges are built to last.
  • Select from three standard models: Empire's 20-inch, "small-footprint" unit or larger 36-inch and 48-inch indexing machines.
  • Specify six, twelve, eighteen or twenty-four work stations depending on the size of the unit you choose.
  • Up to four fixtures, capable of handling as many parts, can be supplied at each index station.