Economical Blast Cabinets

Economical blast cabinets for auto shops, art studios, maintenance & machine shops, and light industrial applications

  • Eliminates the hazards of open blasting.
  • Full-length neoprene-on-fabric gloves.
  • Safety door interlock system stops blasting when either door is opened. (Model 3048R only)
  • Pedal-activated blast gun eliminates moving parts from inside the enclosure (no more jammed blast gun triggers).
  • Dust collector traps blast dust for safe disposal (stop scooping dust and spent media from the blast hopper).
  • Shatter-resistant glass window gives distortion-free view.
  • Pressure regulator and gauge.

The base model INEX 3048 comes without media reclaimer, and includes shop-vac-style vacuum collector suitable for occasional use in small shops or at home.

The INEX 3048R delivers the higher-production features growing businesses need: continuous media cleaning and recycling, and dust bag for limited blasting, (less than an hour per day).

Optional 300-cfm dry filter dust collector is suitable for extended blasting.

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