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Wheel Blast Equipment

Delong Equipment features top quality, versatile and durable wheel blast equipment as part of our shot blasting product offering.

The majority of our wheel blast equipment encompasses four basic designs: tumble blast machines, table machines, spinner hanger machines, and continuous or in-line blast designs.

Tumble Blast Machines for batch processing range in size from 1.5 cubic feet to 34 cubic feet, and are available with rubber or steel belts.

Table Machines for cleaning larger work pieces or structural pieces. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Spinner Hanger Machines are designed to clean parts hanging from an overhead conveyor and are used for castings or large parts that cannot be tumbled.

Continuous or In-Line Blast Designs, such as roll conveyors, wire mesh belts, or monorails, are appropriate for higher throughput and available in various designs to custom fit the proper machine to your product.

All of our wheel blast designs are equipped with the latest blast wheel technology, offering varying speeds and configurations. The blast wheel is a critical component to any machine, and our wheels are specifically designed to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs.
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Monorail MachinesMonorail Machines are typically used in situations requiring high throughput than spinner hangers. These systems use an overhead monorail conveyor and are ideal for moving heavier parts or castings. The parts move through the blast chamber powered by a power and free or self-driving chain conveyor.

Roll Conveyor Machines are used to clean basic steel to fabricated structural shapes/weldments and metals such as plate, rebar, wire rod, pipe, tubing and I-beams. This is a cost-effective means of reducing todays high manufacturing expenses while improving the quality of your product.

Spinner Hanger MachinesSpinner Hanger Machines are designed to clean parts hanging from an overhead conveyor and used for castings or large parts that cannot be tumbled. We offer various designs including flow-through, Y-track, continuous or in-line blast designs. Some advantages to our designs include: low head room required, low initial investment, complete blast coverage without damaging parts.

Table Blast MachinesTable Blast Machines are designed and built as fully integrated systems and used for cleaning larger work pieces or structural pieces in various shapes and sizes. They provide a cost effective solution for ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, die casting and much more.

Tumble Blast MachinesTumble Blast Machines are durable, cost effective and reliable blast cleaning systems. These designs are used for batch processing and range in size from 1.5 Cubic Foot to 34 cubic foot and available in rubber or steel belts. Tumble Blast designs are equipped with high quality, wear-resistant parts and cover many applications, including automotive parts, die-castings, heat-treated parts, forgings and many more. We offer a full range of blast wheels offering a variety of blade sizes, speeds and configurations to meet your needs.

Wire Mesh Belt MachinesWire Mesh Belt Machines provide high volume, cost effective performance for all metal processing requirements. They will handle large die castings, automotive wheels, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, weldments, fabrications and more. Wire mesh belt systems are also designed to handle the high temperatures of parts that have been heat treated.