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Item # OR-5LR

Vibratory Finishing Machines Long Radius Bowl Series

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Series Long Radius Bowl
Lined Tub Working Capacity 5
Power 3
Vibration Frequency (VPM) 1500 max.
Variable Amplitude 1164 to 114
Floor Space Width 54
Floor Space Depth 54
Floor Space Height 41.5
Urethane Tub Lining 1" Thick
Urethane Tub Lining [in.] n/a
Tub Cross Section 8.5
Tub Dia. 54
Drain Plates 2
Max. Load Capacity 1200
Machine Weight 1600
  • Choose Continuous or Once-Around-And-Out parts flow
  • Variable Time Cycles keyed by parts progression and amplitude control
  • VLR feature units recommended... which means Variable Speed Control
  • Batch Processing Option for required longer cycles - but still functioning with Automatic Internal Separation
  • Several cross section channel sizes available depending on part sizes and production rates
  • Ideal for Manufacturing Cells
  • Machines designed for Standard Media use or Steel Media Finishing
  • Compact Design for minimal floor space at low working heights
  • Reduced horse power requirement Keyed By Energy-Efficient Designs
  • Automatic Lubrication/sound Packages available
Unique Media Flow Action
With Almco's Natural Contour lined tub, parts stay immersed in mass to give either gentle or aggressive deburring. While the media and parts both rotate in an upswept angular clockwise movement, constant cleaning is accomplished through the dual replaceable urethane drain plates aided by the constant spray system.
For A Precision Finish Go Round With Almco
  • Capacity: Available in 5,8, 16,28 and 43 cubic feet sizes
  • 1" thick urethane lining
  • Automatic Internal Separator
  • Compound spray and dual drainage system
  • Excellent for delicate parts or aggressive deburring
  • Mechanical Variable speed drive with A.C. Inverter Option
  • Automatic Lubrication with safety cut-off protection
  • Natural Tub Contour for positive action
  • Optional Sound Hoods
  • Parts stay in mass
  • Fits with material handling systems
  • Mass rotates and progresses around tub
  • Variable Amplitude - easy changes