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Surface Preparation

The Importance of Shot Peening

Independently invented in both Germany and the US during the early 20th century, the shot peening process helps reduce the likelihood of premature equipment, component, and part failure. This is achieved by making improvements to the fatigue resistance properties of the materials used to manufacture these products. Shot peening extends a product’s life considerably, saving…

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Analyzing Wheel Blast Equipment: What to Use and When

Wheel blasting equipment cleans and prepares surfaces for painting, and it comes in several different forms. The four main varieties of equipment include tumble blasts, spinner hangers, gravity roller conveyors, and wire mesh belts. Each type of wheel blast equipment benefits a different situation. Understanding the best wheel blaster for your needs will result in…

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Wheel Blasting Equipment

Wheel Blast Equipment For Preparing Surfaces As with shot blasting products, DeLong Equipment offers a wide array of wheel blast equipment. Wheel blasting is a method of cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting. It is commonly used across a number of industries, most notably the automotive, aerospace, defense, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industries, among…

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Wet Blasting Techniques

There are a variety of blasting methods used to clean metal components and remove surface materials such as paint and grease, and one of the most efficient is wet blasting. Wet blasting works by sending an abrasive liquid media through an implement using a high-pressure air source. Common Wet Blasting Methods When it comes to…

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