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Item # HBC 01124

Centering Collar Set HBC-2 Hollo-Blast

Hollo-Blast Pipe Cleaning Tool is designed to blast clean small pipe ranging in size from 2 to 12 inner diameter. This tool. which has no moving parts, utilizes a built- in, short venturi, Tungsten Carbide nozzle and Tungsten Carbide deflection tip to spray accelerated abrasive in a 360° blast pattern. Tungsten Carbide deflection tip, stem sleeves, and stem support ensure long wear life.

Hollo Blast is supplied with 1/2 orifice nozzle. However. 5/8 orifice nozzle is also available, where sufficient air supply can be furnished, Air consumption is 200 CFM on 1/2 nozzle; 350 CFM for 5/8 nozzle. Two centering devices are available for the Hollo-Blast. The tool without any centering device will fit into 2 I.D. pipe. Model HBC-1 Centering Collars and Buttons will adapt the Hollo-Blast in the 3 to 5 range at 1/2 increments. Model HBC-2 Centering Carriage is adjustable to handle all diameters between 5 and 12 I.D.

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 Nozzle Size  n/a
 Air Consumption  200 CFM