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Item # HBJ 01098

HBJR-R Hollo-Blast Junior Includes Set of Centering Collars

Small tubing and pipe may be blast cleaned by use of the Hollo-Blast Junior. Inner diameters from 3/4 to 2 Falls within the scope of this tool, Basic design and operation is similar to the Hollo-Blast tool except that all parts are smaller. Tungsten Car bide lined reducer attaches to blast hose threaded coupling and accepts a 3/8 pipe lance to convey air/abrasive mixture to Hollo-Blast Junior.

Hollo-Blast Junior is assembled with one standard tungsten carbide nozzle that requires 80 CFM of compressed air. Four sets of centering collars are furnished with the unit to permit adjustment to various sizes within the 1 to 2 range. Tool by itself will slide Into 3/4 I.D

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